Uniplas Mouldings International has been a leader in the supply of plastic moulded parts for more than 10 years. Its design and production facilities have ISO 9001 Accreditation. ISO 9001 has received widespread international recognition as the ISO 9001 approach offers a comprehensive framework on which to build processes that help ensure key business objectives are achieved along with customer security in dealing with a company committed to worlds best practices.


       Our facilities / resources enable us to operate so as to provide flexible deliveries depending upon you, our customers needs. If a 24 hours 7 days a week production schedule is required then we do so. If a long term schedule and production storage is required then we can do this also. We can provide tooling or run yours, our onsite tooling maintenance / service is one of the best well experienced and equipped in Australia. Moulding capacity to 850 Ton Machines in all types of materials. So from part design, tooling manufacture, production running and component packaging and storage we can provide you with the complete service all under the control of the one production team and in the one location.


  • Storage Facilities for up to 3,000 pallets.
  • Container handling and B-Double trucking facilities.
  • Forklift and Overhead Crane facilities to 12.5 Ton capacity